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An assortment of articles to help you immediately reduce the impact of food, garbage and other odors in your home or business, and demonstrate why our methods work!

9 Most Common Types Of Mold In The Home

9 types of mold in picture
The most common types of mold in homes that are harmful. They are Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Alternaria, and Stachybotrys. Each type of mold looks a little different and can cause different problems. Cladosporium may show up as black or green spots while Aspergillus can be powdery and white.

3 Common Odors In Home And How To Remove Them

a couple sitting on couch with hand on their noses, seems like they have bad odor in their house.
Removing odors from your home requires different methods depending on the type of smell. For pet odors, clean up accidents and wash pet bedding daily. Ventilate your home and clean surfaces that trap smoke to reduce smoke smells. Mold odors need you to keep your home dry and clean moldy areas.

Why Do Odors Linger And How To Remove Them?

girl with hand on her nose because of the odor in her house.
Persistent odors can happen for many reasons. One reason is if something smelly gets stuck in a place for a long time. For example, if food spills on the floor and isn't cleaned up, it can start to smell bad. Another reason is if there's not enough fresh air in a room.

How Does The Odor Removal Process Work?

a person wearing protective suite and holding a spray bottle and spraying on a table surface and cleaning with a cloth
Assessing how strong a smell is helps us figure out how to get rid of it. We use our noses to sniff and see if something smells bad or a little stinky. If it's a tiny smell, we can fix it with a quick clean-up or some fresh air. But if it's a strong stink, like when milk spills and gets yucky

How Can I Make My House Smell Good?

picture of a fresh indoor environment.
Opening windows for fresh air can also make a big difference in how your room smells. Finally, use air fresheners or natural scents. Examples are lavender or citrus. They can make your rooms pleasant. You can enjoy a clean and fresh-smelling home every day by following these simple steps!

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